Hip Update: Cast Removal Plan

Demi has far exceeded my expectations! She is much happier and more tolerant than I expected! Sleep isn’t great but it’s not bad either. She has been to basketball games, baseball practice and games, lunch with friends and on all sorts of errands with me! She has her moments for sure and has become a bit more impatient… how? Right? If you know Demi, you know! I’m certain I enable her because I feel bad that she doesn’t have her usual freedom of mobility. She has mastered all potty business in this cast!

We took Demi to her post op appointment today. Everything went really well! She is healing just as expected. We will plan to take her cast off at the six week mark. That is just over two weeks from today! I am not sure I could be any more excited for that day. They will fit her for a brace that she can wear for comfort, but she does not have to wear it for any designated amount of time. Just as needed.

The day of cast removal, she will be put under anesthesia. Her team will remove the cast then inject a dye to take a look at that hip really well. This will be a same day surgery and we will return home as soon as she is recovered from anesthesia. This should be pretty quick and easy!

Once home, will just start with helping her walk. Her surgeon does not want her running around or jumping for a while. Her physical therapy team is already preparing to help her. She will return to school on the following week assuming all goes as planned.

In a few months she will go back under anesthesia (#3 for hips) and have the hardware removed from her right femur; at that time he will then operate on her left hip. This will be accomplished by using some cadaver bone and not her femur like he did on the right side. She will be in a cast or brace for only 4 weeks next time! This surgery is expected to be much easier than her right hip!

Chilling in her bean bag!
Stroller TV time! Her favorite!
Lite brite at the spica table!
Mrs. Cara washed her hair like a big girl! Twice now! We are so grateful for that!
First nail appt with mom!!
Valentine’s Day party at school!
Push ups!
Shooting with Daddy!

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  1. Veronica Simmons says:

    So happy to hear Demi is handling this hip surgery like a champ! Thank you for the update! Always so good to see pictures of your beautiful family and your adventures!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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