Hip Hip: Hooray…. Finally

Demi had her hip surgery Friday! It was a little longer than expected. She ended up getting a little blood transfusion (1 unit) but still doing well. We waited 2 extra hours for the surgeon to start and then 6 more hours before we saw her. It was a long day but not as long as our night would be. We were the last family in the waiting room that day.

Opening a gift from our sweet friends!

Post op was difficult. There’s no better way to say it. The rest of the night was horrible. We struggled for hours to get Demi’s pain under control and I couldn’t just pick her up and hold her. She was in pain the majority of the night. Right as I was leaving Demi’s room to head to the nurses station, I was met at the door by her surgeon. I said “oh thank God.” He came in and immediately set forth a plan to get Demi comfortable.

During our conversation I realized that Demi had been placed on the wrong unit and the team that was caring for us was just not used to managing pain at such a high level. Also made sense as to why when it was time to help her use the bathroom, no one was of any help for Brandon and I…..

So I’m a nurse… and I have prepared myself for this cast… thank God. Had I relied on anyone else this night, Demi would have paid the price. I cried… and cried.. and cried. It was so very hard. There’s just not enough words to describe my level of frustration in this whole scenario.

As soon as I we finally got her pain under control, we treated her nausea and she began to take oral meds. I demanded – yes this is true – they discharge us at this point. I met no objections so it wasn’t an issue.

Since being home, it’s been much better. Not perfect. Not easy but goodness we are not going backwards. She’s tough, she’s stubborn but she makes me so proud and I am sure to tell her that over and over.

Nights are still difficult but not due to pain at this point. Simply frustration for Demi and that’s much easier on my mommy heart. We will continue to have better and better days.

Today was a great day for us!! She has loved her new stroller and we have taken 4 walks already today! We are getting this potty situation better handled too! Hoping to actually put her on a potty soon!

Thank you all for your prayers and support through the last 4 days! We truly appreciate it all so much!

Beau came home and wanted to sleep next to Demi!
Sitting playing playdoh!
One way to watch TV!

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