Demi’s Retina Check-Up

We left home yesterday afternoon to head to Demi’s retina checkup! We stopped at L’auberge in Lake Charles and the kids loved it! Brandon offered to teach Beau blackjack, we ate lucky dogs – IYKYK, Beau threw his football all over that hotel and Demi filled up on French fries and slept past 7am!

Demi was fantastic as usual! Dr. Chang said Demi was cleared for her hip surgery on 1/20 and didn’t need to see him for 6-9 months. This is our longest break between appointments ever. He said her retina is remaining stable and he is happy with what he sees!

We always expect the best for her but there’s something about that moment our expectations are confirmed as reality. I’m a firm believer in expecting the best to get the best – thanks to my dad. Praying for the best and receiving the best. His grace is forever seen in Demi. We are blessed beyond measure, truly.

Now to celebrate our Saviors birthday with these kids! Merry Christmas!


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