Hip Surgery: Hip dysplasia and Dislocation

It has been a while since we have done an update on Demi. That is simply because she has been doing so well that there really has been nothing to say! We are so grateful for this!

In the past month or so we have noticed Demi was keeping her left knee bent consistently. A couple of her therapist made mention that we should get measurements of her leg bones to be sure that the legs were even. So on Tuesday, we had that appointment. The orthopedic surgeon did a physical exam and found nothing concerning. Then they did an x-ray on her hips, pelvis and legs. Once we came back in the room, there was another surgeon in there with us. This is where they let us know that Demi has a severe case of hip dysplasia that has caused her right hip to completely dislocate. It is higher in the pelvis than it is supposed to be and it is creating a new socket. This will require a very serious surgery. The left leg also has hip dysplasia, but it is not as severe. I was told to expect her to be in the operating room for six hours. And then to be in a cast for a minimum of six weeks. This cast is called a spica cast. It will cover the right leg and hip and likely some of the left leg. This will cause her to be immobile.

I’m waiting on a surgery date but he explained that it’s not emergent so I would assume between now and the end of February. I have also began looking in to post op needs for Demi.

She and I will get lots of 1:1 time which she LOVES and I’ll just be making sure my baby girl is happy! Big prayers for this upcoming surgery and for these hips to do what they need to do to give her a life free to do whatever her wild heart desires!

Something I considered is the timing…. Why now? Why not years ago when it’s usually caught? after a discussion with one of Demi’s therapist, I feel that God knows exactly what he is doing. This is a time when we are better prepared for this intense recovery. God knew in her first 2 years of life, we were trying to navigate so much. I also think this is another reason why I am a nurse and why we knew it was right for me to stay home. Just another way Gods plan is truly unraveling in front of our eyes. On to seeing Demi be a huge light for some other young kids who will face this surgery at 4 years of age!

I have some fun ideas for her I want to share too! We have a push trike that she had graduated from and was getting her pedaling down but we will just put the push part back for fun walks! I’ll be pulling her around in a wagon with some fun pillows so she can relax while we take some walks around places that it may be hard to get the trike to! We have comfy bean bag chair for when we relax at home and I’ll add some bean bag pillows for her to sleep on her belly if need be! My last idea is taking a skate board and padding it, so she can scoot herself on her belly! How fun right? I’m just trying to think of ways to keep my almost 4 year old busy bee girl happy! I’ll take any suggestions! Send them my way!

I’ll be looking for three items from anyone willing to sell! My first thought is a little bike trailer to pull her in! We will take bike rides in different places to keep her entertained. I also am looking for a spica table but they can be hard to find. Brandon said he will build one and we have the plans for it and some time! The last item I have been told I need is a tushbaby hip carrier to help me carry her on my hip! Let me know if you see these items for sale somewhere! Otherwise, Amazon always has us covered, and I’ll be happy to pass on to another family in this situation to follow.


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