New Glasses Prescription: Button Removed

I don’t think I can say enough GREAT things about today! OLOL children’s surgery/pre op/post op/child life team is AMAZING! This was Demi’s 6th time under anesthesia and this was by far our best experience! They updated us multiple time during her very quick procedure and were just overly considerate and kind. Demis post op experience was a breeze in comparison to the 5 previous times. They really have the exact right combination of meds for these kids! She wasn’t agitated or thrashing like before. She was calm, quiet and happy.

Her branchial cleft remnant (I’m understanding it was more like a cyst now) was removed and post op care is basically nothing! That’s amazing! Her right eye prescription is so much lower and explains why she hasn’t wanted her glasses since surgery! She was in a +10 and now she will be a +2. Her left eye will still be a +20 because of the missing lens of the eye, but this is great! I think I should also add that Demi still has scar tissue that blocks central vision from what we can tell, but this little firecracker can see a lot with her peripheral vision!

We will be getting her a new lens for the right eye to put in her purple frames we just replaced! Her ophthalmologist stated that for a +2 script, you often don’t wear glasses. We will try though, just to help the left eye a little more and provide protection to her eyes.

We are headed home now and just so thankful for everything today!


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  1. Veronica Simmons says:

    So thankful al went well today 🙏🏼💕
    Love seeing pictures of your beautiful family 😆

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