Final Post Op Visit: EUA this Friday

Demi’s right eye is looking great! Her retina has settled right where it needs to be! She seems to really be using her right eye a lot and bringing items towards her right eye to see them better!!

On Friday, she will go under anesthesia again to have her new prescription determined! We are expecting a quick and easy procedure for that! She will also have her “button” removed from her chest at the same time. Her “button” is a branchial cleft remnant and isn’t totally uncommon but more rare for sure. That is unrelated to her toxo diagnosis. You have likely seen it in pictures! It’s just cosmetic but we are very excited to finally have a chance to take care of that!

Prayers welcomed for Friday for a quick and easy procedure and a better post op recovery than this last round of anesthesia! She was super agitated following surgery in March. We do think it could have been related to a specific pre op medication she was given. So we will avoid that!


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  1. Praying healing for your little girl. God bless you all.


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