Post op: Visit 2

Demis eye is healing well! Her retina is settling back where it should be. Her doctor mentioned the possibility of vision she could gain. We knew that was always a possibility and expected it but it’s wonderful to hear he sees the potential at this point!

We will start decreasing her eye drops and antibiotic now because he was very impressed with the lack of inflammation (which was concerning last time).

And praise Jesus her lens is still clear!! No cataract still! We still have a little time to pass but this is a great sign!! Like always, she was a trooper for eye drops, an ultrasound and his exam!!

We are headed back home!


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  1. Eula Daigle says:

    That is wonderful news; thanks for update!! Sweet precious Demi..!! ♥️!!

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  2. Cathy Landry says:

    So glad to hear wonderful news. Demi is such a little trooper. Continuing to offer prayers!

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