Post op Visit 1

Demi’s eye had a little more inflammation than her surgeon wanted to see, but her lens is still clear! Praise Jesus! We would have typically gone back to see him again 4 weeks post op but he bumped us up a little. He still seems confident in her recovery I just think he is being overly cautious and I appreciate that.

We are supposed to back off of her steroid drops this week but he said not to. So she will continue to take 4 drops in a day but she tolerates this very well! So no biggie!

She is clear to resume her normal activity! This is huge!! Looks like God came through on this one because she has still been so wild!

We are continuing to expect her lens to stay clear of a cataract and for the inflammation to back down! Praying Gods will is just that as well! He is the ultimate healer and we have every expectation that He will provide!

We will go back in 2 weeks!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Cathy Landry says:

    Continuing to pray. It is so wonderful to get positive news! You got this sweet Demi!


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