Post op appointment: #1

Demi will have about 3 post op appointments until we can say her eye is healing without developing a cataract.

Today, post op appt 1, she did amazing. She tolerated the patch and tape removal with hardly a sound. We put dilating drops in her eye and she was a champ! Her doctor said she is healing wonderfully as of now and her lens is clear for the time being.

He saw her stomping her feet and made sure to tell us that was too much activity… that’s like Demis level 2…. sooooo… we are praying that her eye heals beautifully considering her crazy level of activity. No running at all! If you know Demi… she doesn’t really walk!

We discussed her sleeping on her back and it’s definitely a benefit but not a must do. So we will do our best but not fret over this! We go back to see her surgeon next Wednesday for post op visit #2!

Thank you all for everything!


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