Surgery Success: Recovery is a Process

Surgery was successful. Dr. Chang was able to do what he wanted without removing her lens. He is concerned about the risk of her developing a cataract as a potential complication of surgery. If she does, he will remove the lens in a few weeks. We are praying that doesn’t happen! She has a bubble in her eye to help promote healing which also means she has to limit her movement and sleep on her back. If you know Demi at all… you know this will be a huge challenge. I’m not sure how we will accomplish that. It truly stresses me but I’m quite accustomed to taking the hard route so I assume we will tackle this just like everything else.

She was pissed off when waking from anesthesia which is typical for her. She has a new component this time though… her good eye is patched so she is extremely disoriented. She is very independent normally so it’s like dealing with a drunk toddler who doesn’t want help or any restriction. She’s wobbling and falling constantly but refuses to be held or slow down. It’s sounds a little humorous as I write this so maybe I’ll find it funnier as time goes on. It’s amazing what our minds can do in stressful situations.

She could remain like this for a bit especially if the cataract develops. So let’s just be optimistic and say this is resolve today after anesthesia wears off and she will get accustomed to using the vision of the weaker eye instead until the strong eye is available again. I’m hoping that’s tomorrow actually. I’m not sure if her vision could be compromised past the time that the patch is removed. I don’t think so though.

We will know more about her surgical eye at her post op visit tomorrow and again in 1-2 weeks. Thank you for your prayers and we appreciate continued prayers.

Next up is eye drops and lots of them for quite a few weeks. I’m ready though. Let’s get through these next few weeks and have this all behind us!! WQ


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