Demi’s Eval/EEG: Praying and Expecting for Positive Results

It’s been a little while since I made a Demi update! Recently I have witnessed a few friends walk through some really difficult time with their childrens’ health and it just reminds me of how thankful we are that God delivered on everything we prayed for. I have been praying so hard for these children just like I have and still do for Demi. I believe God will do the same for these kids and I won’t stop praying.

Demi just finished her first semester of Mother’s Day out and she has been doing amazing!! She loves going to “play with my friends at school” and loves going see Mrs. Lauren, Mrs. Brittany and Mrs. Becca.

Demi now sits at a table for various craft activities and sits to eat without trying to get up prior to finishing. May seem like a small feat but this was huge for her. Its not easy to get her attention on small things like craft activities and coloring. Tapping in to her vision for that long can really tire her too.

She follows direction more consistently and has began to recognize safe and not safe activities! She is using her cane more and more although she isn’t crazy about how it slows her down some. It’s important for her to use her cane for various reasons though. Using her cane allows her to look ahead and up for what’s in front of her in hopes she bumps her head a little less. The cane also helps her a lot with depth perception but is a skill we need to continue to develop!

Demi has her 3 yr old evaluation coming up and I’m quite certain she will only meet qualifications due to her vision. The child that was once said to expect multiple developmental delays finally has ZERO- in my opinion- outside of what you would expect for vision.

She still show some sensory sensitivity here and there but it’s nothing we can’t help her work through and all typical for children with vision challenges. Demi has been bumped back to seeing an eye doctor to every 3 months between her ophthalmologist and her retinal surgeon

Demi has an EEG on Wednesday of this week, assuming her results are normal… we will stop her seizure medication!! We are praying for this to be normal and most certainly expecting it since she hasn’t shown any signs of seizure activity since her first and only seizure.


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  1. Praying blessings for your little girl and your whole family. Grace and peace to you all, and Merry Christmas!

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