Back in Houston: EUA on Monday

We are in Houston! Demi had to be here today to have a covid test done prior to her procedure on Monday. It was a drive through and as much as she didn’t care for it, she was over it pretty quickly.

She did amazing on the ride here! We are just keeping her busy in the room today. We will be in our room all day tomorrow too. We are well prepared!! Toys galore, snacks, food and drinks.

Monday morning we have to be at the surgical center for 9:30. Demi cannot eat or drink Monday morning so I’m praying they take us back immediately. Only one parent is allowed inside for her procedure. I’m pretty upset about that but any parent that has done anything since March of this year, knows that’s standard. I’m just grateful this is only an exam.

What is the doc doing Monday? She is having an exam under anesthesia (EUA). So he is getting a thorough look at both eyes while she is under anesthesia.

Left eye (surgical eye): He will be looking at this eye to see how it looks following her surgery in October of 2019. He will see how her retina is since it has settled back in place. He will look to see how tight her scar tissue is on that eye since the eye has been growing. The eye should look stable considering the scar tissue was released when he removed the lens of this eye.

Right eye: He will also check the retina. The difference here is that this eye currently has retinal detachment on the outside peripheral part of her eye (causing no vision there). He will look to see how the scar tissue is handling eye growth since in this eye it is still connect the the back of the eye (retina) and the front of the eye (lens). Scar tissue doesn’t expand like regular tissue so it can pull on both as the eye grows. He will be looking to see if there is a safe plan to release the scar tissue on this eye. I’ll explain that process if he decides that’s his plan.

The last thing he is doing is checking her prescription for her glasses!!

Specific prayers: 1. Painless and easy procedure/recovery for Demi. 2. For Demi’s surgeon to have perfect views of what he needs to see. 3. A clear plan for Demi moving forward


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