Demi is in the OR

Demi is in the back with her team. They will put her to sleep then give her an IV. She was sleeping in our room before she left. So she actually didn’t know she left us. Oh and Brandon was allowed back with me! About an hour in to waiting, I found out he was welcome back too! What a relief.

They are running about 2 hours behind today. It was a long wait but they let Demi have some pedialyte while we waited because the wait would be so long. She was actually happy considering not eating and not having liquids the last 2 hours.

We spoke with her surgeon and everything should be quick and easy. He may have to use a laser on the scar tissue but that’s a pretty simple procedure and doesn’t have post op issues.

It was strange walking away from her. Really strange. We did pray over her before she left. I feel really confident that God has his hands over her and her team.

My mood always surprises me in these situations with Demi. I’m oddly calm. It almost weirds me out if I think about it too much. Like why aren’t you crying? Why aren’t you anxious? I don’t know though. I would have to assume it’s faith. Maybe some of it is because I’m a nurse and this setting isn’t too uncomfortable for me.


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  1. Erica Brown says:

    your calmness is a sign of peace. you know that all will be well!

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    1. I think you are right. Peace and faith in Gods will at work.


  2. Caroline Hutchinson says:

    Prayers to our sweet girl and both of you. We love you 💜💜

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