Our Miracle Girl: Pig Tails and Ice Cream

Demi has been enjoying the cooler days and missing Beau while he is at school! Our last visit with her retinal surgeon went well! He is happy with the health of her eyes at this point. Her surgical eye is still looking strong, but vision in that eye is hard to understand. The retina is reattached well which is huge for eye health! Her right eye still has some retinal detachment but is not a risk right now to warrant surgery.

Her retinal surgeon wants to look at her eyes thoroughly while under anesthesia. That will be in early December at Texas children’s. As of now, she needs a covid test a few days before at their facility so we will have to be there a few days in advance. That’s honestly totally frustrating so I’m hoping they change that by December but I’m sure it’s unlikely. We will do whatever we need to do for Demi, with a smile, of course.

She saw her neurologist today and she is doing so well! She will remain on seizure medication for a full 2 years post initial seizure (which is the only one thus far) and that is next December! So we are looking forward to her coming off of those meds next year!

Demi continues to impressed us daily and we are so proud! She is doing so well with gymnastics and improving so much on her attachment to mommy!! I’m so thrilled by that!! Can’t wait to see what the next few months brings us!!


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  1. Claire Spano says:

    So happy things are looking up! I think of you so often. We truly do not know what God has planned for us but I firmly believe he has a plan. He will not send us anything we cannot handle! Hugs and prayers to you and our family… claire

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