Our Gymnast: Wild Girl

Demi started gymnastics today! It took her a minute to warm up but she loved it!! I can’t wait for her to go back again!! She loved the trampoline just like she does at home! I really think this is going to be so much fun for her!

We are headed to Beaumont tomorrow to see Demi’s retinal surgeon. Last visit he had mentioned the possibility for right eye surgery. This would be the same operation that was done on her left eye. We have been patching her eyes some to help determine how much she depends on her right eye. We think she uses it a lot. Maybe even more than the left. It’s so hard to know for sure.

Brandon and I discussed what we want out of tomorrow’s visit and what questions and concerns we have. We are just praying for discernment and clarity during our visit.

Demi gets to start back with behavioral therapy this week too! We will focus on helping work through her desire to be stuck on me like a koala bear! I’m looking forward to this!


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