Little Gymnast: Flipping Wild

We have been busy but happy! We are grateful we are all healthy and our home and community escaped the wrath of hurricane Laura. I have been and will continue to pray for those who have been affected.

Demi has been experiencing some attachment difficulties lately in regards to me. Who can blame her? She is with me 99.9% of the time and we haven’t been consistently social since she started toxo meds at 4 months of age. First it was her immune system, then covid. We just haven’t had the best opportunities to keep this from happening.

We are now seeing how this is affecting therapy. I want Demi to get 100% our of her therapy. I pondered Mother’s Day Out but decided against it for many reasons that I won’t list. As her mother and a nurse, I ultimately know our decision was best. I have made it a priority to schedule play dates with other children and will do so at least once a week and she is also starting… get ready… Gymnastics!!! Y’all!! I can’t!!

Demi loves to jump and flip on our trampoline and anywhere that she can do a front roll, she will!! She loved the gym and her teachers are amazing! This class will actually be without me too! It’s 1:1 but there is another student, the same age as well as another teacher. The class can go up to 4 children! I can’t wait to see her!!

She and Beau are still healthy and happy with Beau starting school and all! She is doing well with him gone too. I’m a little sad with him gone but he’s so happy and loves playing with his friends at school!

Stay tuned for Gym pics!

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