Taking Steps: Ready to Go

Demi is continuing to make developmental improvements that are so impressive and right on track. She makes us so proud! We have some work to do with her fine motor skills but nothing too concerning and definitely nothing she won’t be able to accomplish!

We are still doing her therapy visits by using zoom or FaceTime and it’s going pretty well! Her first behavioral therapy session was last week and we learned a lot! I’m very excited about that addition! We plan to continue working on getting Demi to wear her glasses more and ironing out some potential sensory seeking behaviors. I’m very pleased with the suggestions that were given to me and looking forward to how this all will help Demi.

Demi’s lab work came back today and she isn’t neutropenic! That’s awesome. We are still staying to ourselves until this corona mess backs off.

We saw Demi’s neurologist today via tele med and that visit was great! Demi is not showing any signs of seizure activity and has not since that first and only seizure. Her neurologist was very impressed with her development and plans to see us again 6 months from now! That’s great!

Next week we are scheduled to see Demi’s retinal surgeon in Beaumont. I plan to check on this and see what he needs us to do. We may not have a way to skip this appointment since he physically has to look in her eye to determine the health of her retina. So we still may be making a trip that way.

Demi is on the brink of walking! She is taking steps and it’s really coming so fast! I don’t even know what to think! She is still 12 months old! She is cruising the entire house by crawling and reaching for everything in sight so she is definitely using her vision to navigate and I’m so proud!

Her language is continuing to impress us! She is talking non stop and labeling things or people by name without prompt. She is a hoot! I love listening to her babble with all of the different sounds and I love that she repeats all of my language!!

Playing while Beau learns to shoot a gun!

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