White Count Lows: Developmental Highs

Demi is soaring in all things in the development department and we are thrilled! It’s exactly what we expected, as I always say, but it is still so sweet to witness!

We have been battling a low immune system (neutropenia) since March. This isn’t a big shocker but is still upsetting. She had been doing so well with that from late December to early March! She only had 2 injections in that time. Her meds were increased by protocol due to body weight increases. We assume her dip in her white blood count is from the medication increase. I have been asking about her red blood cell count and risk for anemia since March 12th when I noticed a steady drop. As of yesterday, her hematologists is concerned about anemia too. Tomorrow we will have a lab draw for both white blood cell counts (neutropenia) and a deeper look at red blood cell counts (anemia). I’m thinking with the right dietary changes, or increases really, she will be fine!

Demi is officially walking more than crawling and I’m sure crawling is on the way out!! She even taught herself a front roll!!

We are waiting on her new lenses for her glasses and we see her retinal specialist in early May!! We were able to push back our little drive to Beaumont for just a few weeks. That visit was originally set for this month!


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