Big God: Big Accomplishment

God knows how to show his presence and He always makes it so clear.

We are all in the midst of the corona mess. My family is very fortunate that Brandon can work from home and I am already home. With my last job, there is no doubt that I would be at an increased risk for exposure. I’m beyond grateful but forever thinking about my team, my friends.

With Demi taking her toxo medication, her immune system has had some struggles for sure. I have explained this many times. Right now she is hanging on the neutropenic side again, meaning her immune system isn’t as strong as we would like it to be. She had an injection last week to hopefully give her a boost but she didn’t make the increase like usual. So we are being so careful with our exposure. All groceries and products coming in the home are being wiped down or washed and after every trip to the hospital for her labs, we are washing everything and she is getting a bath following that run to the hospital.

This has all been a bit concerning for me but I have been doing my best to control what I can and give the rest to God. On top of that, we have been fighting with adding WiFi in the house to get B set up to work from home. We are both tech challenged so it’s been interesting. There are no home calls from techs right now so it’s been pretty much up to us to figure out. In the middle of our frustration today, which was about a 10/10 for the both of us… our girl surprised us!

SHE TOOK HER FIRST STEP! And it’s all on video! I saw it happening! I saw her lifting her heel up so I grabbed my phone! And she did it! We erupted with excitement! She continues to amaze me and I just keep saying what we have said from the beginning.. this girl WILL accomplish it all! She WILL be everything she wants to be and more!

Her language is still just amazing. I find that reassuring that she is learning so much by hearing! That’s a big deal for her future! She continues to use her vision and she is quite literally navigating this whole house now! She is on fire with her development! Literally something new every day! Beau is being the best big brother to Demi and we are loving it!!

And what do you know… we are finally hooked up with WiFi and Netflix and Hulu and all the fun that comes with it! We survived!


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  1. Kristin says:

    Continued prayers🙏🏻


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