Mommy Mistakes: Balancing it All

I’m going to Nashville later this month with a few friends! We booked it a while back just to all have a minute for some good girl time with some retail therapy!

Today I realized I booked my flights for the wrong dates…. so I corrected it of course. Everything is good and set to go on the right dates! Can you believe the flight numbers were the exact same on both dates?!

Why am I writing this?

Just to show that as much pressure as I put on myself to keep everything afloat, I still drop things. I keep so much in check for Demi and her needs as well as whatever else we need! Just like any other mom or dad does, really! I try hard to keep our calendar correct! Demi has multiple appointments every week so it’s a little chaotic. I don’t naturally laugh at my mistakes but this one, I have to! I almost messed up the one thing I’m doing totally for myself!

My friend Mallory said this morning while we were talking, “Sis, you are going to Nashville by yourself!” So I quickly changed the flights and then made sure to confirm with her so I didn’t make the same mistake twice!

Rolling with things doesn’t come easy for me and keeping calm when something like this happens is hard. However, I totally impressed myself! Maybe this little chaotic schedule is just as important to me as it is my sweet baby girl! I always believe there is more for me to learn from our experience with Demi and this is just one of those lessons!

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