Fear and Concerns: Faith and Inspiration

Yesterday we made an early (due to a schedule conflict) trip to see Demi’s eye surgeon. He said that she is healing appropriately and her retina is settling where it should be. We are so happy to hear this. She will be under his close watch for sometime because her retina will remain at risk of tearing due to the scaring on the retina. He plans to see her again in January and then take another look at her under anesthesia in the spring. We will see our normal ophthalmologist in early December and I’m lookin forward to that.

Demi has had a rough 4 weeks since surgery. We have went though pain, itching, a cold, sleep issues, feeding regressions and most recently some hearing concerns. We will be doing a mildly sedated hearing test the week of Thanksgiving and I’m praying for great results so we can put those concerns to bed. In my gut, I know her hearing is fine.

I am also currently praying my girl will return to her normal routine and behavior very soon and leave all of this mess in the past. Mommy and daddy are both very tired as I can imagine she is too. She is still very healthy and handling her medication perfectly well. We are still giving her 3 injections a week to keep her immune system from dropping. I’m so incredibly thankful for her health.

I have to continuously count my blessings with Demi because it’s extremely easy to be engulfed in fear and concern. Some days it does get the best of me. In those moments, I have to take a step back and live in the present, control what I can control and LET GO of what I can’t and TRUST in God’s plan for her.

Demi is a fighter, she inspires me in ways I can’t even fully explain every day. We are so blessed to have her as our daughter. What I will think about the future is that I know she will be fearless and continue to inspire me!


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  1. She is so beautiful! Your love and strength is pouring into her little heart and she is going to do great things. Stay strong !

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