No New Projects: Just Healing

A few weeks ago, our OT assessed that Demi’s anterior fontanel (her soft spot in the front of her head) had closed a little early. I was immediately concerned about this and for good reason. If the plates in the skull close prematurely, the brains growth can be limited and it can cause other issues we definitely don’t want. We did not need anything else going on!

The next day, we met with her pediatrician, he confirmed and reached out to a neurosurgeon. I brought a copy of Demi’s CT and MRI to the neurosurgeons office that day and she called me 20 minutes later to give me the OK for surgery! She also said she really wasn’t concerned for Demi and we would follow up post operative.

Today was that day, and it was great news!! Demi has no reason to continue to see the neurosurgeon at this time! The doctor actually said “no new projects for Demi!” I laughed so much because it’s so true!

Demi still has PT, OT and speech all once a week each and a vision teacher as well! Oh and a home health visit for her weekly labs to manage her neutropenia brought on by her toxo medications. So 5 appointments a week to keep the ball rolling!

Everything is going smoothly and as good as it can be! We have lots of work to accomplish with PT and OT to help get our girl mobile! This momma is on it and she is doing extremely well, impressing me every day!

We see the eye surgeon again on 11/20 and we are praying for continued wonderful news! Demi’s eye has a lot of healing to do to get the results we hope for, and we really are expecting the best results! It doesn’t matter what the odds are for that to happen or even what the doctor said about how much needs to go right for it to happen, we believe it will! Praying big for Demi’s retina to reattach correctly!

Thank you all for your continued prayers! Please keep them coming!!

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  1. Xaviera Kennedy says:

    God is amazing! Demi has the most Amazing parents. I’m following her progress and I am so happy for her. I am even more inspired by you Jordan , your strength and ability to share the Journey. As you open your heart to the world by allowing us to follow along with the Journey know that I need to see her fight and have wins. God has covered your sweet daughter and he gave her the right parents those who don’t give up. I love it! Enjoy your day I’m rooting (praying) for your family. I needed to see the hand of God this morning through Demi.

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  2. Demi is so pretty. I always look forward to your posts. You’re always in my prayers. Hugs.

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