Believing in His Work: He Will Provide

When I say we have had a rough 4 weeks with Demi, I really mean it. She has been healthy and I’m so grateful for that. I have been thanking God for her health every single day because I can’t begin to imagine the struggle that parents feel through that.

Recap of fears from my last blog:

I was worried about her bowels having problems, her eye health, her sleeping habits, issues from her shots, her cognition and development specifically on the behavioral side of things and it was eating me! I spent a lot of time concerned about what could be going on. I tried to give myself reasons why I didn’t need to worry but somehow the fear usually won.

One day last week I decided it was time to pray. Pray for the fear to leave and believe in the work I know God will do! Brandon just so happened to come home that day and say something about the fact that we had derailed from our positive outlook on everything for Demi and we needed to get back there! Nothing like some confirmation from above that the two of us really are a team!

Then Friday!!! Friday was the day!! Four weeks to the day post op eye surgery, 2 weeks from the day of shots about 2 weeks of feeding issues, she was herself again! Our happy, smiling, hungry, independent baby girl had made a reappearance!! Demi’s OT was so reassuring for therapy on Friday and that felt great to hear too! She said Demi had her best therapy session to date on Friday!! I was elated! We saw her neurologist today and we discussed just making sure we didn’t miss anything just so we can be super sure about our girl! So we added a few things to our to do list for Demi!

Next week will start the 3 tests (hearing test, MRI and an EEG) that Demi will have in 6 days time. Only one is sedated! Two have rules for her to be sleep deprived so you can pray for us for the work leading in to that, and so positive results! We totally expect the best!!

Happy 8 months to our girl! She is learning so many new tricks!! She even did her first roll from tummy to back today, and even had to do it another time just to keep us cheering!! We have been waiting for her to roll this was for a very long time! I’m over the moon!


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