Demi’s Eye Surgery Goals: Specific Prayers

Let’s talk specific prayers for Demi. I think in order to explain that you first need to understand her eye and the point of the surgery.

In Demi’s left eye there is scar tissue through the center of her eye (central vision) that connects to the front (lens) and the back (retina) of the eye. As they eye grew, the very stiff scar tissue didn’t so it began to peel the retina off (detached the retina). Her retina is at risk of tearing. If the retina tears, the eye is no longer considered healthy tissue, so the surgery is to save the retina from tearing. Then the retina will heal back by reattaching itself.

The surgery poses some risk but without focusing on the negative parts of that, I will include the positive side in our prayer request so she is covered! The surgery also has a potential “bonus” result of her gaining vision! You already know we are fully expecting that and speaking it in to existence! My girl will have left eye vision!

The right eye will be examined well by the surgeon and he will update us after surgery. Currently the right eye has the same path of scar tissue (actually a little more if I remember right) but it’s not pulling on the retina as bad. The retina is more attached and currently at less risk of tearing. The retina in the right eye is detached on her outside periphery. So the assumptions is that she doesn’t have vision there. The scar tissue is in her central vision so there is also hypothetically no vision there. Supposedly this leaves only inside peripheral vision. If she needs surgery in the future to save the retina of the right eye, we would pray that the reattaching of the retina would provide her outside peripheral vision, if no scar tissue is in the way.

Our specific prayers:

1. The surgeon is able to release the scar tissue while keeping the lens intact and in place.

2. The retina remains strong throughout the surgery and heals properly by reattaching appropriately.

3. The surgeon has steady hands and continued confidence in his skill.

4. Demi’s team of healthcare professionals provide her the best care.

5. Demi’s body remains strong throughout surgery and during recovery.

6. Demi’s eye gets the “bonus” affects of the surgery and gains vision in the left eye.

7. Our travel time to Houston and back.

8. Demi resting well leading in to surgery and post operatively.

Thank you to everyone praying for our sweet girl! Surgery is a week from today on 10/18! Remember we have high expectations and we will all surround her with the most positive thoughts possible and continue to ask God for the miraculous.


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