Big Day Approaching: Big Prayers Going Up

Today was Demi’s pre-op appointment with her retinal surgeon. It was the usual.. 10.5 hours there and back, eye drops, ultrasound of the eyes and then the exam, with crying throughout. Sweet girl doesn’t cry for long though. She is so tough.

The doctor said nothing has changed for her eyes and even though we always expect him to say miracles happened and her eyes are healed, this is good news. Surgery is still set for next Friday in Houston.

Her doctor is so careful with his words. Explaining the risk, the plan and the potential outcomes. I have been told he under-promises and over-performs. We are thoroughly expecting the over performance and praying for the miraculous!

Please consider praying for my baby girl in the upcoming week and for her healing to follow. It’s important her eye heals properly too. Pray for her mommy and daddy. We will hand her over to a team of strangers that we will have to trust, along with God, to care for our sweetheart. Pray for her surgeon to deliver his absolute best. Thinking about it all is very scary but I have to lean on my faith and trust in God’s plan for all of us.


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  1. mitzifruge says:

    Prayers continue! Stay strong momma ❤️

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