St. Jude: Day 2, mid day

We are currently waiting for Demi to have an MRI of her brain and eyes while sedated..again. Obviously anesthesia two days in a row is a little concerning but I’m currently waiting to see the anesthesia team for evaluation before the MRI to be sure they are comfortable with it. It seems like it will be a while before we will get to see her after separating for the MRI and this momma is super bothered by that.

We did an ultrasound of her eyes this morning. Those results will be discussed with us later today.

We spoke with Demi’s eye doctor in Baton Rouge and we should see a pediatric neurologist at home once we head back home. And potentially another eye surgeon in Houston if we see it fit depending on her results here. We have lots of things that will be pending for some time so this process will begin to slow a little and updates will be further apart.

Please continue to pray for her eyes and the rest of her neurological system. We are continuing to believe Gods will is great for Demi and bigger than anything else that is going on.

We are totally blessed to have had so many of you supporting us. Thank you all so very much.


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  1. Kathleen Verbois says:

    So many prayers coming your way sweet Demi! Prayers for Mom, Dad and big brother as well❤️

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