St. Jude: Day 2, Afternoon

Demi is now under anesthesia for her MRI. The scan itself is 1 hour and 10 minutes. Brandon went back with her to be with her until she was asleep. She did wonderful he said. We are waiting for her to be done. Then she will have a 6 hour recovery due to her age. We will be getting done late tonight and to bed late as well.

This scan is to look more at her eyes and at her brain. Looking at the development of her brain thus far as well as the health of it. We will not her these results until tomorrow morning at best. And due to the nature of the hospital, we may not have answers on her future until we see a neurologist back home.


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  1. Melodie Myrick says:

    Jordyn, you are such a strong woman, wife and mom. You are doing a great job with this situation. I know it feels like a runaway train at times, with so much information all at once, you think you will never be able to take it all in. And then, in almost the same moment you wish with all your being, someone would give you THE ANSWERS you need!! God sees it all, knows it all and can handle any emotion you throw at Him. Demi and your whole family are so important to Him, we can’t even imagine it! Know that Mike and I are praying for you guys every day, but more importantly, God’s holding Demi and Beau and you and Brandon. He will carry you through this!! Love you!! My favorite verse(s)…Ephesians 3:14-21

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