Footprints on our Hearts: Wings in Heaven

Sawyer Grace Wilkins 2/28/2015

I always said I never wanted one event in my life to define who I was as a person. I even said that after I lost our daughter. I didn’t want to be known as a bitter old lady who once lost a baby. I knew that there was always a greater reason for the immense pain that I endured through her loss. I didn’t always know why but I did believe as time would go on that Gods plan for me would slowly unravel.

I talk about Sawyer all of the time. She is a huge part of me. She has had a lasting impact on my life. She has contributed to the way I love everyone in my life. She has impacted the way I love myself, my husband, my son, our baby on the way, my family and my friends. I can finally say without a doubt that she has absolutely made me better and not bitter.

I find that I am more forgiving and understanding of my husband. I am more patient and loving as a mom than I would have imagined I would be. I am more compassionate as a friend. This is just the tip of the ice berg, but you get my point.

I have taken a break from my blog while we were trying to conceive and today feels like an appropriate day to test the waters! Today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. I want to honor not only my angel, Sawyer, but also so many more babies that have earned their wings. I have met and had the chance to get to know so many women through the hardest walk in their lives as they said goodbye to their sweet babies. So today at 7 pm, light a candle to honor all of those sweet babies that have left their footprints on our hearts!


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