A Newborn Cry: The Sweetest Sound

We were approaching 37 weeks and anxiously awaiting our little guy! My OBGYN and MFM doctor (high-risk MD) were willing to induce labor at this point! Brandon and I definitely agreed because we were getting more and more nervous as the days passed on. We just felt like we would feel better to have him out where we felt like we would have more control over his wellbeing. I know this can go many ways, but this is how we felt! So we geared up and got ready for an induction on March 10, 2016!!

The night before we were headed in I had contractions all night and couldn’t sleep. By the time we were settled at the hospital around 4:15 am, I was 4cm dilated. I had been 4cm for a few days at this point so I was a bit disappointed to find out I was still the same. I ended up getting an epidural around 6 or 7 am because I was a bit uncomfortable. My water broke not long after that and I began making quick progression.

I was just getting started with painful contractions and trying my best to work through them while on the labor ball!

My room was totally decorated to welcome Beau and I loved it! My best friend, Emilee was able to take care of me again and I can’t begin to explain how special this was for me.

Emilee was working hard to get my labor progressing, so we stopped to snap a picture while Brandon was sleeping on the couch!

My best friends, Amanda and Sarah hanging out with me!

Surgical masks made into a banner by Auntie LeeLee!


My labor almost mirrored my previous labor for Sawyer in the fact that my epidural just wouldn’t relieve pain for longer than a 2-hour window. I was in and out of pain the whole time, which I hated. I felt like I didn’t have a chance to visit and enjoy the moment long enough before the pain would hit again. I remember feeling so defeated. I had taken care of so many women that smiled through this process and were able to be so comfortable, and all I could think about was “Where was this for me?” And “why am I not getting the same experience?” I had already experienced labor with a heartbreaking outcome and all I wanted was the picture perfect scenario I had seen so many times.

As the hours passed on, I had progressed to about 9 cm and Beau just wasn’t coming down. My pain was so out of control that I was ready to do whatever it took to meet him and end this process! It was a hard pill to swallow that I needed a c-section but I knew it was the right call. I definitely had to mourn the feeling of failure at this moment. I had been through so much before that I knew the prize of the day was a baby crying in my arms but that doesn’t mean that I still didn’t struggle with the feeling of failure in this. Brandon actually had to kick everyone out of the room to have a “come to Jesus” meeting with me.

We were ready and headed for a c-section. I recall feeling so bad that my face was covered by a cold towel rolling back to the operating room. I remember feeling bad that I wasn’t waving to the girls on the unit as we passed but there was no way I could make it happen.

Right after our “come to Jesus” meeting and we knew we were headed to meet our sweet baby boy!

My wonderful friends who are also nurses, Hailie, Ashton and Heather helping get me settled and ready for a c-section.

On our way to the OR.

We get to the OR and I’m still not out of pain. I was very concerned I wouldn’t get comfortable but some minutes later, I was numb enough for the doctors to start. As they started I was feeling so nervous, so defeated, so grateful and so ready. It was such a mix of emotions. As they started to take him out I heard, “Jordyn, you have a toddler!” And there it was… the sweetest sound you could ever dream of… a crying baby. Oh my goodness! This was everything for us! After our long journey of a 32-week pregnancy, a quiet delivery, and 16-week waiting window, and a 37-week pregnancy… here it was… the sound of prayers being answered, God’s gift to us, our sweet baby boy, Beau!!!!!


You have shown me the ways of life. I will be full of joy when I see Your face.

(Acts 2:28)

Right as they took Beau out! A sigh of relief.

Brandon watching anxiously as he was able to see Beau for the first time!

Of course, now my eyes were so heavy I could hardly open them but I was so completely overtaken with joy. This was the moment I had waited for a very long time. Brandon embraced me as much as he could and then I sent him over to our baby!
As we left the OR, I could hardly hold Beau and nursing him in the room was impossible! The baby nurse held him to my body to allow him to nurse. I couldn’t stay awake to visit with family, but my heart was full. I wish that this part were different but it is what it is.

The next few days in the hospital were amazing! Brandon was the best dad and best helper I could ask for! Everything went smoothly! I was just so thankful! I couldn’t wait to get home and start our life together with this sweet baby boy! At this point, I was so grateful for our journey in starting a family. This moment was so sweet for us. I don’t think I can fully explain the joy that overwhelmed us as we met our little man this day. God’s plan was certainly unraveling right in front of our eyes.

Brandon taking Beau to me for the first time!!

My first baby kiss!!!!

One happy daddy!

 Christ became human flesh and lived among us. We saw His shining-greatness. This greatness is given only to a much-loved Son from His Father. He was full of loving-favor and truth.

(John 1:14)

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