Surgery #2: Praying for the Right Eye

The time has come and we are headed for surgery #2 to repair Demi’s retina in the right eye. The stakes are higher this time because she uses her right eye for most of her vision. However, the risk is lower this time because the right eye is much less complex than the left eye. Demi’s surgeon believes this surgery will be much easier to perform and he is very confident in the results she will have.

We are set to arrive at the surgery center for 6am and Bless the Lord we are the first case!!! I was thrilled to hear that! If you have ever taken you child in, or even yourself, for a procedure with anesthesia you know exactly why that’s so exciting.

Specific prayers for Demi and her team. We are praying for surgeon to be able to perform whatever technique is most optimal to promote her retina reattaching appropriately, we are EXPECTING no tears in the retina, praying for steady hands of her surgeon (a given because he is amazing), for her surgery team to be well rested and at their best, for anesthesia to be easy as always and for her recovery to be smooth.

Her recovery process is interesting. We need to put a ton of drops in her eyes for about 4-5 weeks. Each week we decrease in number but week 1 is pretty much torture. So please pray for us all for that part of it. She isn’t allowed to touch or rub her eye post op for at least a week. That can be difficult, and we will for sure need the Lords help because Demi is extremely strong willed.

I’ll give an update tomorrow after we settle back at our hotel. Thank you all for reading and praying for my precious baby girl. She continues to amaze me and I know this will be no different.

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