Risk Vs Benefit: Right Eye

Demi has been doing well since coming off of her toxo medication! Her immune system is rebounding on its own, slowly, but in the right direction! We haven’t given her any shots since stopping toxo meds. She hasn’t been anemic either which is also great!

She’s so happy and literally all over the place! She runs around the ball park at Beau’s games and chases after him while at home! She is nearly running sometimes!!

Demi is a chatter box and is constantly talking! We are working very hard in fine motor but she is progressing! She is doing better with wearing her glasses as well!

We saw her retinal surgeon today. He said that her left eye, the surgical eye, still looks good! The right eye has some potential for surgery but he has asked us to patch her to see which eye she relies on, assuming it’s one more than the other. If it’s the left eye, surgery on the right has less risk. If it’s the right eye, surgery on the right eye has more risk. So I ordered some patches so we can see what’s going on to help us make this decision. I always assumed it was her left but that was based on what I thought her doctor said. That had nothing to do with Demi. As far as watching Demi, I have no idea what eye she prefers and I am always looking.

As I have said before, these surgeries have high risks but this surgeon is amazing. I’m very confident in his skill and have almost been looking forward to hearing about right eye surgery potential. I do see the need for us to approach this with caution though. She is thriving with the vision she has and it’s scary to potentially lose vision while trying to gain eye health. The eye is currently healthy but he sees where he could make some changes that could open up more opportunities for him to do more in the future.

It’s a big decision but I feel confident that God will guide us the right way. We have been so blessed in regards to Demi thus far and I believe we will continue to be. Praying this decision is clear and Demi will benefit greatly from whatever we chose.


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