One Year of Meds Completed

Today is the day!! We waited an entire year to finish Demi’s toxo medications!! I’m so thrilled. This medication journey started out so rough, had some very difficult challenges with her immune system and now we are finally done with the meds that have been causing that!

Her labs were low again today but since we aren’t continuing treatment with medication, we didn’t have to give her a shot!! She is currently severely neutropenic and the lowest she has ever been. We are hopeful that she will do just fine without any help from the shot and remain healthy!

We will be only drawing her labs every 2 weeks now instead of twice a week and that’s amazing!! Such a relief!

I think back over the last year and I’m immediately flooded with emotions. We were so fearful of what we didn’t know and of what we were being told by different doctors. With Gods grace and blessings, she has done amazing! She has blown everyone away with her accomplishments! She isn’t considered delayed any longer, outside of some fine motor skills that can be related to vision challenges! She gets around wherever she wants and is quite the little daredevil! We are so proud!!

Demi has the best team of therapist and they have worked relentlessly to encourage her to push through any challenges. I can’t imagine this road without every one of them!

We had a little celebration for Demi today! It’s not the Disney trip we had planned for but it’s very special nonetheless. Thank you all for your continued prayers over our girl.

We head back to Texas in 3 weeks to see her retinal surgeon following the completion of treatment. He will make sure there is no evidence of further damage from Toxo. We saw Demi’s ophthalmologist yesterday and he had some mild concerns about her surgical eye. I will say, that what he explained is exactly what we understood to already be the current condition of the eye. So we will get that reassurance soon!


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  1. Cathy landry. says:

    Such wonderful news. Lots and lots of prayers answered for Demi, everyone’s special little angel.

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