11 Months Old: So Strong, So Smart

Oh my! Our girl is 11 months old today! She is so big and so smart! We are so thrilled with her accomplishments! I would say impressed, however, she is doing exactly as we expected her to do- and that is amazing!!

She is finding her own way to explore by sitting, laying down, getting on all 4s, crawling a step or two or pulling herself in an army crawl then going back to sitting! So she is covering some ground! We are working hard to get her crawling so she can really move, but in her time of course. The physical capability is there, she just needs to decide she wants to! She is also standing for a few seconds at a time on her own! Pulling up on some things! And walking with push toys with help from us by holding her hands on the toy!!

Her most impressive skill is her language!! She calls her glasses “Gaga’s” and she repeats some words from us, my favorite is banana! She has 4 teeth and her favorite thing to bite is her glasses… they are terribly scratched and we will need a new pair soon, I’m sure! Just part of it!

Her will is unwavering which can be challenging on most days to be honest. She is a bit attached to mama! She whines through therapy but she is just annoyed with us! She is not in pain! Stubborn little girl! I’m banking that this strong will of hers will help her succeed!

My apologies for the crying videos but she is doing so awesome and it only lasts for a few seconds! She is not in pain! Just mad I’m making her work!!


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