It’s A Matter of Perspective: How Do You Choose To See It?

We ordered Demi’s glasses over a month ago. Long story short.. unbeknownst to me, they experienced some ordering issues that caused delays. Then today the glasses were in Baton Rouge at one location and ended up lost in transit to the location that we ordered them from.

They have ordered another pair and now we will wait for those. I’m totally let down. Today was a big day that we were so excited about! We found out yesterday that today was the day so we have been on pins and needles waiting for our call. Never expected to hear that her glasses were lost!!

Praying they find the originals somehow and then the new ones arrive to us promptly and as perfect as they should be.

I know this a matter of perspective. I’m extremely disheartened over this mishap. The excitement was stolen from all of us. I’m working on my perspective of the whole situation.

We are so blessed to be where we are with Demi. She is doing so well and she is healthy. I have watched two local baby girls, that were born around the same time as Demi, battle health issues since birth. Some extreme circumstances too. I just continue to praise our Lord for the blessings we have and work hard through minor set backs like this one. I know I’m only human so I’m allowed to feel the emotions I have through this little situation. My goal is to focus on productive thoughts moving forward. I always try to be transparent and that’s precisely what you are reading.

I can’t wait to see her precious face in these glasses and can’t wait to share pictures with everyone! Continued prayers for Demi and her journey and continuing to lift up the two other families of those precious baby girls!

Pictures below: Demi is trying to pull up on things! Big girl!


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