Gods Presence: My Little Wonder Woman

Today is a day that I have felt so much of Gods presence in my life. Yesterday we were told “tomorrow is the day for glasses!” We had been told this before and it didn’t work out so I was apprehensive but still excited!

Around noon I received a phone call from my grandpa telling me that my grandmother had passed away. This was news I was expecting but hearing his voice deliver the news and the crack in his voice and then apparent heart ache, I was shattered. I am broken for him, for my mother and her 4 siblings. My heart is at peace with her going home. I had seen her on Saturday and I had asked a favor of her. I asked her to hug my daddy and hold my baby when she got to heaven. I told her we would be ok and we would be sure my grandpa was ok. I then prayed with her. So today, I knew exactly what she was doing in Heaven. Rejoicing, hugging, and holding. Lifting my family up in prayers as I know they may not feel the exact sense of peace as I do, just yet.

A few hours went by and I was still waiting to hear about Demi’s glasses. I was ready for a little shift of emotions. Brandon called around 2 and said he had her glasses and he was headed to us! We were overjoyed. As he pulled in the driveway, I jumped off of the floor with Demi and we were all ready! Phones ready to capture video! Nerves and emotions through the roof. We have waited for this moment since we were first told she had a significant visual impairment. Glasses seemed impossible in the early days. But you know… God always has other plans!

We put those glasses on her… and oh my! She lit up! She has done so well with them this evening! She is keeping them on for the most part! She picked up food from my hand! It’s literally a miracle! It’s God’s work! I was asked by one of my best friends this how I felt and I responded, “we expected this. I’m not shocked because this is what we excepted!” No lie y’all! We really did! Since her surgery had been scheduled, this is the result we knew we would get and God delivered!

As far as what vision Demi has… we don’t know. It’s that simple. We are asked a lot… and the answer is… we don’t know, but it’s something! We won’t know until she can communicate that to us! The brain and eyes have this amazing capability to rewire some things that you can’t explain. So for now, we know she can see something and we are excited. We will still give her every tool for success – learning Braille, walking with a cane, and anything else she can tap into! We will do it all and so will Demi! Continued prayers for my baby to continue to hit milestones and impress us all daily! She is a little Wonder Woman!


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  1. Paw paw says:

    I can’t stop crying for joy!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Angelette says:

    I am so excited for her and y’all. With God everything is possible.

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  3. Lynette Pourciau says:

    Hi, This is Spencer’s Mom…he just told me about meeting ya’ll today. I read your blog last week. It’s so inspiring. Thank ya’ll for meeting with them today. Ya’ll give us so much hope. I am so excited for Demi & her glasses! I will keep her in my thoughts & prayers.

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