Post Op: Update on Demi

Demi did extremely well post anesthesia. She slept a lot so that made her immediate healing and our drive home as easy as it could be. We are so fortunate!!

The day after surgery (the day we drove home) we had to add in eye drops. Oh my…. eye drops. These drops are not for the weak that’s for sure!! We have two bottles, each one is to be given 4 times a day and they must be 5 minutes apart. So that’s 8 different times a day we need to hold her, pry open the eye and drop the medicine. They should decrease by Saturday though! So come on Saturday!!

She is sleeping fairly well at night and overall handling everything ok. She is so tough. I think it every single day but this is even more impressive to me.

Demi has a follow up Wednesday in Beaumont. He will need to look in her eye without any sedation. This is not usually a great experience but she gets over it quickly. Praying we have the same experience this time with her post op eye.

Praying every day she continues to heal as needed so we can avoid any future surgeries. We believe God will heal her eye and that it will be perfectly healthy and we still pray for the bonus of sight! We are expecting that bonus!! God will do this for Demi.

I had to cut some of her hair because it was stuck in the tape from surgery. Super sad moment but tiny little issue in the grand scheme. She wears her little arm braces some to keep her hands off of her eyes or she wears a patch. The tape did some work on her skin so we are taking a break from it for now!! Love my baby girl so much!


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  1. Eula Daigle says:

    Paper tape, my dear friend; remind health care providers each time tape is used; very gentle on the skin!! ❤️ always ❤️ !! 🙏🙏 for complete comfort and healing!! ❤️ and support to all of you!!🥰!!

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    1. Paper tape is actually what did her the worst.😔


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