Surgery is Done: Healthy Healing

Demi did great in surgery. Her surgeon was able to accomplish what he hoped without the retina tearing.

So now we pray! We pray for her retina to reattach. We do know it’s extremely thin but we believe it will attach just fine!

She has a patch on her eye until tomorrow for now. We will see her surgeon again next Wednesday for more info. We will watch the left eye over the next few months. The eye should heal by 2-3 months.

So we pray for no issues and a healthy reattachment over the next few months. It’s crucial to keep praying for that result. She still has the opportunity to gain vision and that is still our expectation!!

The right eye looked good enough to escape surgery for now and if it needs it in the future it looks much healthier than the left did!

She has towels and Coban wrap on her arms to keep her from rubbing. It’s not casts!!


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