Night Before Surgery: Big Day Tomorrow

Our sweet girl is sleeping. We are almost ready for tomorrow. We are just now getting settled in our room. We were a little later leaving home today than planned. Demi did well on the drive. The last hour and a half or so was a little chaotic but we did it!

She can’t have anything by mouth after midnight and we are to arrive at the surgery center for 6. Demi doesn’t usually wake prior to 7:30 or so. So I’m hoping she manages that time without much fuss. We don’t have an exact surgery time but we are the first case.

Tonight we pray for rest. For all of us. We pray for her surgery team to also get wonderful rest tonight. Tomorrow is a big day full of lots of prayers for our baby girl! I woke up today excited for her surgery day! I have big expectations and I truly believe God WILL deliver.


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  1. Ashley Taylor says:

    My thoughts & Prayers are with ur lil family!!
    Love ashley

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  2. Janet Reese says:

    Praying for y’all and a speedy recovery for Demi

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  3. Lisa Duet says:

    Thinking of you, your family and especially Demi as I wake this morning! Prayers for everyone and prayers for a positive successful outcome!

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