Wow: When God Shows Up

I am working through different emotions each day. Most of the time I’m optimistic and faithful but I am also sad, angry, upset, jealous, frustrated and overwhelmed. I’m sure you can imagine and I can elaborate on these feelings in the future some. Let’s talk about the sad for now.

I was headed to bring Demi for her weekly lab draw on Wednesday and on my way there I was sad. I was feeling that Demi is not even 4 months old and has been through so much.. so many tests, needles, medication.. all of that. I immediately knew I needed some Jesus in my life. I called my sister and told her how I was feeling and explained maybe we would see if our church was having a Wednesday service at the Denham campus. Well God heard me and knew my hearts desires and my exact needs. He showed up BIG! Not 5 minutes later I receive a text from Brandon. It’s a picture of a post made by the pastor of the Denham campus that stated this…

Wow… I didn’t mention my thoughts to Brandon yet. So God sent me a message through my husband. How amazing?! We attended church that night and it really was rejuvenating. I’m so thankful for a faithful husband! This journey has been so much easier with Brandon leading the way for me.

A little update on Demi:

Demi’s neutrophil count has dropped again and her medications have been altered. We have to be careful of her environment until they get back to a normal range again.

We see the eye surgeon in Texas this week and have been waiting for this! Big, big prayers that he finds her case as something he can improve on! That is what we want! We want to improve her vision!! We still believe that God can completely provide healing over her eyes but we are still pursuing all medical options that are possible!


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