Surprise Proposal: How Did He Really Manage All Of This?

In February of 2011 Brandon won another company trip to Puerto Rico!! We were so excited to go and I had a feeling he may propose there! We had been discussing getting married and I thought it may just be the perfect time! I was nervous about my family not being there and he knew I really wanted them to be present!

While we were in Puerto Rico and I was talking with my friend Lindsey who clearly knew his plan, I just didn’t and I had mentioned that I thought he may propose there and she said “Do you really think that? I think he may too!” Well that just had me convinced. The final night there we had a huge dinner party and we had a long talk that night. He made some long term promises to me that were a perfect set up for a proposal…. but he didn’t ask!

I wasn’t upset but still hopeful that it would happen soon enough!

The following week we were back home and the same friend from Puerto Rico Lindsey and her husband invited us to some event for local restaurants. It made sense because they owned a cupcake shop at the time! It was a Mardi Gras themed party and you had to wear a mask!! I was so obsessed with this idea because I love all things Mardi Gras.

Just a few weeks before I was telling my best friend, Amanda, that I really wanted to throw a masquerade party in the future! Little did I know she was panicking inside when I said this and you will see why…

Brandon made some calls to get my work shift covered at the hospital because I was supposed to work on the night he planned this surprise. My sister had offered to paint my nails and help me get ready for this event! I had a new dress that I was wearing! Everything was literally lining up perfectly and I had no idea!!

We meet Blake and Lindsey for dinner before to have sushi and while in the girls room she asked me if I though he was proposing any time soon and I replied with maybe at the end of the summer! I’m sure she got a kick out of that!!

We leave there and head to the “event” and when we walk out to the rooftop set up for this party I could see everyone across the way dressed nice with masks on. There was a DJ, a bar, some servers walking around! It was a great party!! I didn’t think I knew anyone so I didn’t really look around, and everyone had on masks so I’m sure I wouldn’t have recognized anyone.

We walk up to the bar, order a drink and the music switches mid-song, but I didn’t even notice. The song that came on was “take my hand” by Wayne Toups – which we always danced if this song came on, terrible meaning but we liked to dance to it- and I looked at Brandon and said “Well we have to dance!” And just so you know.. this was all planned! He knew I would say that! While we were dancing the photographer who we knew from high school approached us and I laughed and said “look Josh is the photographer for the event!”

Brandon then stopped me and asked me to take off my mask. I was completely thrown off and asked, “why?” I continued to take mine off and he did the same! I was positioned away from the crowd overlooking the Mississippi River. He began to say how long we had been together and how I had been waiting for this moment, he ends with “Jordyn, will you marry me?” He was on one knee and the ring box was backwards so my ring was pointing at me instead of upwards to the sky!! So funny! And then I answered with “yes!” Fireworks went off just then! And he told me to turn around.. the first word out of my mouth was “Daddy!!” He was front and center with my mom and sister!! It was so magical! I couldn’t believe it! So many of my closest friends and my family!! All there without me knowing! This was an incredible night! I’m such a blessed girl!!

This is what Brandon mailed to our family and friends!! I hope you can read it!! Such detailed instructions!!

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  1. Still cant believe all this worked out EXACTLY correct!!!

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  2. Beth Bourgeois says:

    Wow! Thats so awesome!

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  3. Mallory says:

    Such a memorable night. B is so thoughtful! Y’all are so sweet together 😍

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    1. I flipped through the book the other night and loved seeing pictures of you there! It was a great night!!


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