From teenagers to young adults: love that grew together



Senior Prom 2005

Brandon and I continued to date through our senior year and through college! We always had a great time together. We enjoyed the same things from sports and outdoor activities to movies at the theatre and popcorn of course! I would say pretty soon after dating we were both aware that what we had was something special and it was worth fighting for – even though I can say it’s been pretty easy!

We had fun through college and took many classes together! We even worked together a time or two! LSU football games and hunting were probably our two biggest highlights together and something we still do together for fun.


My first buck


My first doe & my dad was there!!

LSU games!

Brandon started his career while in college about 10 years ago now and has been very successful which came as no surprise to me! I recall my dad being so excited for him in his new career and always giving Brandon such positive encouraging comments! My dad is another story that I will have to cover soon and I can’t wait for that one! I decided to become a nurse and had my sights set specifically on being a labor and delivery nurse following the birth of my nephew, Huntley!

His first award in his new career (1/2008) and his first trip he won to San Fran (8/2008)!


My inspiration for becoming a nurse – Huntley!

We both graduated college and marriage was pretty well on our minds at this point! We kept working in our careers! Brandon was able to spend a lot of time at my parents house since I lived with them during this time. We talk about this so often! My parents marriage was paramount in the development of our relationship leading in to our marriage. My dads love for my mom was like no other! I always felt like he treated her like a princess in our home. Anything she wanted, he took care of! Nothing was ever just her responsibility, they literally did it all together! There is so much more to this and I will get to it! But just know that my parents marriage from my point of view, was everything I could have ever wanted in a marriage!


Mom and Dad!

I couldn’t wait to marry Brandon and I was anxiously awaiting a proposal! Hang in tight for the proposal story that takes the cake in my book for the best proposal in history! God’s plan continued to unravel for us and it has truly been a beautiful one!


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