February: Sawyer’s Month

Each year as February rolls around in Louisiana, everyone is excited for all of the usual Mardi Gras traditions. Some buy dresses and plan their night for the ball they will attend. Some make arrangements and purchase their throws for the parade they will ride in. Finally, some just head to the best bakery they can find to buy their favorite king cake. Then there’s the Wilkins Household….. we wait for the most beautiful blooms to finally open up, and for the 28th to roll around so we can bake our pink cake for our girl. To say I love February is an understatement. I love it with every part of me including the little piece of my heart that resides in my eternal home with my beautiful angel.

Sawyer’s tree is in full bloom today and we did the yearly tradition of pictures of her tree. Beau has been patiently waiting for today for some time. He woke up this morning and with excitement he said, “Mom, look! Sawyer’s tree bloomed!” So before school we made sure to snap that picture. Beau has also been talking about his three sisters a lot lately. You may be wondering, three? Yes, three, Beau counts our dog, Blue! He told me this morning as I was dropping him off at school, “Mom I have three sisters, but only two I need to protect.” He understands his big sister, Sawyer, is our protector and our angel and she is with Pops and our Lord and Savior.

Sawyer’s tree was planted by Brandon’s brother Chad. Uncle Chad (as the kids call him) bought and planted the most perfect tree that blooms every year just in time for Sawyer’s birthday so we can honor her life. This tree was planted before we came home empty armed to a quite home. Every morning when we woke up to realize that our nightmare was unfortunately our reality, that tree was there and immediately brought me a sense of peace. I was sure to wake up each morning and open the shades in the living room to not only let the sunshine in my home, but also look at this tree.

We will be making our girls birthday cake with our children on her birthday and both kids are already talking about it! Beau loves doing it and Demi is excited just listening to him talk about it! She will likely begin to remember following this year! Stay tuned for pictures of our cake and the fun we have remembering our baby girl!


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  1. Veronica Simmons says:

    Such a wonderful way to honor Sawyer. Thank you for sharing your story. Your family’s strength is such a testimony of the faith you share. Sending love to your beautiful family 💕

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