New Med Progress: Hopeful to Stop Shots Next

We are 5 days in on Demi’s seizure medicine. Some of the side effects are that you can see some behavioral changes in the first two weeks. So far, it’s not too bad, but I have noticed her to be a little more needy.

Demi is still off of her shots for her immune system because her numbers looked good. This is good news. We are hoping she continues to tolerate her meds and we can stop the injections or at least cut back some. She will have a round of blood work done Monday so we can check again and see what she needs.

Demi woke up with a nasty looking right eye this am. This is her non surgical eye. I called the eye doc on call and he prescribed eye drops. Hoping to fight off whatever that is and keep Demi’s surgical eye clear of anything so she can continue to heal.

She is a happy little girl and enjoying Christmas time with all of us! I still can’t wait for those glasses! They will magnify her eyes since the script is so high and hopefully y’all can all see these beautiful blue eyes!!


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  1. Praying healing over your little girl. God bless you all!

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