Look What’s Coming: Big News

I have been a little nervous walking in to these last two days (the last two tests and a eye doc appointment). I wish I had just expected everything to be smooth but anytime you have to sleep deprive an 8 month old or any kid, I would imagine it’s hard to just have the “it will be great attitude.”

Demi’s MRI was amazing! It was quick and easy and she didn’t make a peep. We handed her off to the same person that took care of her during her spinal tap months back. We were very comfortable with seeing a familiar face!

We were called about her results of the MRI and from what I understand Demi’s scan revealed that her brain is stable. No swelling, no atrophy and some brain growth. That is all good news. Of course I asked if she improved. It was a hard question to answer with limited images since it was a fast MRI – lasting about 45 seconds I believe. We are so happy to have this information.

Today we saw Demi’s ophthalmologist and get ready….. she can have glasses!!!! GLASSES!! This is something we have waited to hear for months and we knew we would. That means there is enough vision to give her glasses! He even said she may not have all of her central vision blocked in the left eye. So it’s even more imperative that the left eye (surgical eye) continues to heal properly. He referred to Demi’s surgeon as a miracle worker! We believe he is one of the most talented retinal surgeons there is but we also believe in our Almighty Father! Our God is delivering for us and we believe he will continue.

Stay tuned for some precious little glasses on this little girl! Y’all just wait!

We are currently sitting through her EEG and it’s going very smooth. She is cooperating like a champ. It’s been way better than I could have anticipated, basically perfect. So now we just need perfect results to keep this all going!

My girl is a champ! She is a fighter! She literally impresses me daily! Love her! Love y’all and thank you for all of your prayers! Keep them coming! I believe that’s exactly why we are right here with these results!


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