Rising Levels: Hallelujah

Praise Jesus! We have good news!

Demi’s body has responded to her first injection on Friday! She got another injection just now. I gave it to her and Brandon helped. That was not very fun but she actually did well! She will get another injection on Wednesday and then repeat labs on Thursday! If her labs are still high enough on Thursday, we may be able to restart her toxo meds soon after!!

Her neutrophil count is actually normal! We haven’t seen her in that range since we started treatment! I’m so relieved and thrilled! Please continue to pray for her body to respond to injections and then handle the restart of her toxo meds.

We leave Wednesday to see her eye surgeon and make sure we are still on track for surgery in October. Pray for her during her exam on Wednesday and us as well! I assume that little torture device will be making an appearance it’s awful to witness. Trying not to think too much about it but just praise Jesus on these results instead!


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  1. Becky Ponthieux says:

    Praying for your precious angel!!! Praising God for what He’s already done!

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