“Glass Children”: Being Intentional

I have been working hard to get a schedule of some sort going for us and I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere. I’m a momma who likes her babies on a schedule. I guess it gives me a feeling of control, which I definitely desire. I also feel like Beau responds well to a schedule and his behavior has improved since I was able to get a system in the past few weeks.

We need a schedule for many reasons but one is because Demi has physical therapy and occupational therapy once week for now and we will be adding visual therapy to this week!! She is really excelling with both therapist! We have made some goals for her and I’m really looking forward to watching her push right through them! Beau watches Demi’s therapy and tolerates all of the attention on her pretty well and even gets involved sometimes. I’m intentionally making sure that when Demi is napping, we have some real quality time together to make him feel so special.

I read something this week that a friend wrote. She said that kids with siblings who have special needs are often referred to as “glass children.” Sounds interesting right?? “This term is often used to describe a sibling of a child with special needs…not because they are fragile or breakable, but because often they are looked through.” I’m so fortunate to have read this now so I can be so aware of how I handle Beau through all of this. Although I do feel as though I have been on top of this, it’s nice to be reminded.

Before Beau was born, Brandon and I discussed that we didn’t want to treat him any differently than we would have treated Sawyer. After losing Sawyer, we had some increased fears and worries for sure. I think because we had lost one child, even if while in utero, it just brought on so many fears with Beau. While raising Beau we do our very best not to let this overcome us. I never imagined that Beaus younger sibling would bring another round of concerns for Beau. Obviously this time is a little different than before but everything still has an affect on him.

So now I’m navigating my way through this “glass child” situation. I only discuss this to bring awareness to the situation in which we are facing and other families may be as well. I do want to say that I didn’t write this because I’m afraid this is something we can’t handle or something we need encouragement through. I honestly expect nothing but the best from us in raising our children and have the utmost confidence in both of us.


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