Gods Presence: An Everlasting Gift

I had been so nervous leading in to Demi’s spinal tap. I have been a mess about it really. We woke up early this morning to a very loud boom… looked around couldn’t figure it out. Then Brandon went outside and found the cause of the awful wakeup call. A tree had fallen in to our yard and smoked a few important and expensive things on its way – but that’s not what this is about, so I’ll skip the details.

We got out of the house in perfect time and made it to the hospital in great time! As Beau was leaving to go with MiMi he said, “Mommy you do a good job today, ok? And take care if daddy!” Too cute! That boy is something else!

We came inside the hospital to check Demi in and we were almost immediately met by a familiar face! Demi’s nurse just so happened to be someone we knew and it was an immediate feeling of Gods presence when she walked up to greet us! I said, “Oh if this isn’t Gods work right now, I don’t know what is!” I was able to let my baby go with confidence that she would do just fine! And that she did! We are done and we will be leaving as soon as she fills her belly!!

Thank you all for continued prayers for our girl! And thank you to Lori and the team at Our Lady of the Lake for a wonderful experience on such a scary procedure for this mommy!


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  1. Wendy Eggert says:

    Praise God! So glad! I know you’re relieved. Hate that the devil just added one more nasty thing to you this morning with the downed tree, but you were resilliant and stayed your house rejoicing and belie in in God!!

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    1. Wendy Eggert says:

      I meant stayed your COURSE rejoicing and believing in God!

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  2. SUSAN BOLOTTE says:

    Continued prayers for that sweet little girl!

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