St. Jude: Day 1, Mid Day

We met with Demi’s oncology nurse practitioner and nurse. We came here concerned about her vision but didn’t really think much about the “C” word. I know that may sound naive but we were just thrown in to this so fast that all we could think about was her vision. Here we are just overwhelmed in possibilities but working so hard to say faithful and believe that God has a better plan.

We met her specialist in pre-op, her anesthesiologist for this “exam under anesthesia.” The specialist asked many questions, expressed some concerns and possibilities. Most of it we didn’t like hearing, but nothing can be said until her looks at her. At this point she is so hungry but being so incredibly resilient… feels like a sign from above. My daughter is resilient, strong and a fighter. They put in rounds and rounds of eye drops. She did very well and slept in our arms.

I was able to walk her back in to surgery and wait until she was put to sleep. Now we wait. We are in the waiting room. We had lunch and we are waiting. Praying. Praying. And praying more. We will know more after surgery and I will update as I see fit. I’m not sure how that part of this will be for me. We have a 6 hour recovery ahead of us before we can take her to our “room” here at St. Jude.


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  1. Rose pozzuoli says:

    Florida is 🙏🙏🙏for this sweet child.

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  2. SUSAN BOLOTTE says:

    Prayers for Demi!!!!!!

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  3. Molly Brand says:

    Continued prayers for your sweet family ❤️🙏🏻

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