The Waiting Game: Ugh

We are waiting on some lab results to rule out or in a few possibilities for Demi and then we see a neurologist here in town tomorrow to discuss her MRI a little further. This is just where we start.

It’s possible we could get some answers this week but even with those answers, there is a potential for so many unknowns. When you are dealing with the neurological system, things can be so far one way or another. Meaning, will Demi grow and learn like a typical child or will she have different needs? We will have to wait for her to hit age specific milestones and potentially wait until school years.

It’s really hard being her mother and not knowing exactly what to do. So what am I doing? I’m treating her like a typical 12 week old baby. Loving on her, kissing her, talking to her. And then I’m also focusing on her other 4 senses that are stronger than her vision. So we are playing with differing sensory toys with her. I’m sure to speak to her before touching her. And frankly, I’m still showing her things to encourage visual growth and stimulation because that is unknown.

I’m also starting the process of lining up different therapy options for her. We have a PT, OT and visual therapist all chosen and we are ready for therapy as soon as we get the word “go” from her neurologist. I’m reminding myself that Demi’s world hasn’t changed a bit. Only our has in the sense of what we expected things to look like.

I’m still having moments that are tough but I’m still hopeful in Gods plan for her and all of us. I truly believe He could chose to heal her at any moment and with the way technology and the medical world are both forever changing, we never know what the future holds in that sense. Continued prayers for our baby girl.


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  1. RJ says:

    We are continuing to pray for your sweet girl. I have a wonderful therapist for her if the one you chose doesn’t work out. Her name is Sherri Bunch, a godly woman who knows the power of prayer.

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    1. That’s who we will see! 😍


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